gloucester complete irrigation systems

Commercial Irrigation Systems

Complete Irrigation Systems design and install automatic and manual systems for all aspects of commercial plant growing and sales.

  • Garden Centres
  • Nurseries
  • Tree Plantations
  • Orchards
  • Fruit Farms
  • Poly Tunnels
  • Glass Houses
  • Green Houses

Systems can include:

  • Overhead sprinklers or spray lines for total cover of an area.
  • Drip systems for controlled accurate water application.
  • Flood beds and benches for roses and specimen plants.
  • Manual watering with hoses and hand lances.

  • Variable speed pumps for saving on energy costs.
  • Dosatron Dilutor for feed application.
  • Nitric acid injection systems for P.H. corrections.
A well maintained irrigation system is more water efficient.
We offer maitenance which includes a Winter drain down and Spring start-up visits.