gloucester complete irrigation systems

Garden and Landscape Irrigation

Complete Irrigation Systems design and install automatic systems from small gardens to large landscapes.

The systems can include:

  • Drippers for hanging baskets, pots and other planted containers.
  • Individual Drip Systems for trees and specimen plants.
  • In-line drip pipe for flower and shrub borders or new hedge planting.
  • Micro Sprinklers for large areas of planting.
  • Pop-up Sprinklers for lawns and new turf.
  • Automatic Systems controlled by an efficient and easy to use timer unit.
  • Rain sensors installed to prevent watering during and after rainfall.
  • Battery Timers -Cost effective for hanging basket systems and small gardens.
  • Water Supply – please view the relevant page for information on Water Supply.
A well maintained irrigation system is more water efficient.
We offer maintenance which includes a Winter drain down and Spring start-up visits.